Three Simple Steps for Easily Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism is wrong in so many levels. Because of that, you should prevent yourself from committing plagiarism no matter what happens. To help you with that, this article will teach you the three simple steps for easily preventing plagiarism. Specifically, this article will teach you how to motivate and make yourself think, write, and signal – three simple steps to avoid plagiarism. Make sure to absorb everything you will learn from this article so that you can avoid plagiarism at all costs and prevent yourself from experiencing the harsh punishments given to plagiarizers. Also, you can supplement all the information you will obtain from here with the plagiarism checker, which is basically a tool that can help you avoid plagiarism. Read more to find out.

Think About What You Want to Write

The first step in preventing plagiarism is making yourself prepared to the actual writing experience. This can be done by thinking about what you have to write. For instance, if you were assigned by your teacher to write something about a certain topic, then think about it first before you write about it. Create an outline either in your mind or through writing. This will give you the skeletal framework of the written piece that you are about to create. With that, you can write about the specific things that you want to get included in your paper. After thinking, you can now proceed to the actual writing process.

The Actual Writing Process

With an outline in hand, you can now proceed with the actual writing experience. You can do this by putting in all the words into sentences and paragraphs that contains all the thoughts that you want to express. At first, do not let spelling errors and grammatical errors get in your way. You will just lose your focus in writing. Instead, just let all the ideas flow. Let the words come out from your mind into your hands and eventually into one single written piece. It is after finishing your work that you need to check the things you have included in your paper. This is also where you correct grammatical and spelling errors. This is also called proofreading.

Signal All Borrowed Information

After the writing process and also after correcting all mistakes in that paper, now is the time for you to signal all the information you have borrowed from other people that you use in your text. This is the process of acknowledging other people for borrowing their ideas. Such thing can be done using citations, quotations, and references.

With the three steps for avoiding plagiarism known to you, you can now help yourself prevent committing plagiarism. Also, you can use the plagiarism checker to make sure that your paper is one hundred percent unique and free of plagiarism.


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