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The Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $500!

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Are you looking for the best acoustic guitar under 500? If yes, you should understand that when it comes to buying a guitar, quality and price are related. First of all, you want the very best guitar your money can buy. The value of an easier-to-play, high quality instrument will be clearly seen in both its tone and its responsiveness to the touch.

Top Acoustic Guitar Choices:

The Seagull S6

If you decide that quality is important then one of the best acoustic guitar under 500 you can invest in is the Seagull S6. Priced at around $400-$500, it is not a play it once and stash in the closet deal. It may be more expensive than what most buyers are prepared to pay, but it is an exceptional guitar for the price. Even professionals often keep their Seagull S6 after they’ve purchased many other guitars. Another good high-end acoustic guitar is the Washburn D10S. In the under $500 range, the Washburn D10S has received the top vote in Acoustic Guitar magazine. Most people looking in this price range will end up choosing the Washburn or the Seagull.

Other best acoustic guitar under 500 are:-

– The Yamaha F310.

– Takamine G-240.

– Fender DG7.

– Epiphone DR-100.

The Yamaha F310, Takamine G-240 and Fender DG7 are all good choices for the beginner. But in terms of price, the most affordable for the beginner is the Epiphone DR-100. Now, this particular guitar, priced reasonably at $120-$150, is truly meant for beginners and, as such, you will have to trade up to a more sophisticated option once your skills have improved considerably.

Don’t waste your money on those cheap guitars you can find for under $100 at the local discount store. Surprisingly, a cheap, low quality acoustic guitar is actually considered harder to play even by more experienced guitar players. A cheaper made acoustic guitar is just not made well and usually have really high action, meaning there is more space between the strings and the fingerboard than the more expensive guitars. A cheap guitar is frustrating and not fun to play, so buy a good quality acoustic guitar.

If your budget is going to keep you from spending more than $100 for an acoustic guitar, you should think in terms of a used one. One of the benefits would be the guitar having some character. Take for example, two second hand Yamaha F310’s. Try them both out as they will likely have distinctly different sounds. Each will have a somewhat different tone and feel, which guitarists insist reflects the prior owners’ different personalities.

Ever hear the saying, “never buy a guitar from a jerk”? Whether a guitar picks up a “personality” from its owner is a point to be debated, however most guitar owners treat their instruments like people. So when you look for your first and the best acoustic guitar under 500 keep this in mind. So, even though it may sound fine, if you are just not completely comfortable with the acoustic guitar you are trying out, find another one.

If you are a beginner, it’s best to ask the salesperson to demonstrate and play the acoustic guitar you are thinking about buying. An experienced salesperson will know that you, as a beginner, may not know how to play, but you know what you want a guitar to sound like once you have learned. They might just be helping the next big guitar play purchase their first guitar.